The Host

A Novel By Stephenie Meyer

The Host: A Novel by Stephenie Meyer
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The first LiveJournal community for fans of Stephenie Meyer's novel The Host. Here you may post fanfiction, fan art, discussion topics, and anything else that involves The Host.

1) Please keep on topic. Remember, this is a community for The Host.
2) You may post Stephenie Meyer-related topics.
3) No bashing of other members. Every member is entitled to their opinion and we ask that you please respect all opinions and views.
4) No promotion of other communities; such posts will be deleted. If you wish to affiliate with us, please comment in THIS post. There will be a weekly post listing all new affiliates. Comment here to become an affiliate.
5) Please TAG your entries with the appropriate tags. This will help keep our community neat and organized.
6) Use a LJ-CUT for posts with a large amount of text or if you have any large graphics.
7) Still confused? Check our Frequently Asked Questions.
8) When posting fanfiction, please use the following format:

If you have any questions about the community or if you would like to post any concerns/suggestions, please leave a comment at our MOD CONNECTION post.  All three maintainers are tracking this post, so it is the quickest way to get your question answered. If necessary, however, you may also reach the maintainers at thehostnovel@gmail.com.

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